Masergy Intelligent Service Control client portal

Managing your global network requires end-to-end visibility and control. Use the Masergy Intelligent Service Control client portal to get a single-pane of glass view of your SD-WAN deployments, UCaaS, and more. Our award-winning client portal enables real-time control and troubleshooting of your private and public bandwidth, edge devices, clouds, applications, voice, and video communications.

henriques Quiteculo
4 months agoAugust 8, 2019
Nice application and its really very useable in our day working  to control the traffic  where its came from. so could you please advise when this one will be release for end users?
Masergy Marketing
4 months agoAugust 10, 2019
Hi Henriques. Thanks for the comment. If you don't see the new ISC user interface, then please update your bookmarks to
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